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Case Study

Luxury Godrej Apartments in the midst of nature!

When luxury meets nature, magic happens. The only thing is, magic doesn’t take photos very well. 

Master Plan

3D Floor Plan










Solution Offered

Get an immersive tour of the dream location with Luxuries Property here.

We were commissioned by our client to design a property that is sandwiched between nature and luxury. Therefore, we had to create a master plan that symbolizes this balance between two opposing elements.


Our interior visuals show the entire flats and the exterior visuals cover the entire property. We created a series of interconnected images depicting a room throughout the day. We used light, shadow, light emitting objects, and staging to create different moods within the space. Take a look!   We used effective, interior rendering techniques to help our clients focus on the details that really matter when selling a property.


Our exterior visuals of the property are so accurate that they helped our client to close deals with overseas investors, before construction had even begun. These investors were able to see the development in its finished state before any bricks were laid.


With a combination of CGI images, panning cameras, and soft focus points, our Flythrough Animation gives each scene a three-dimensional feel. When combined with real people, the shadow of someone walking past adds to the scene's believability.


Our move toward greater realism in advertising images makes our client’s selling off-plan so much easier.

Architectural Film

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Master Plan

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3D Floor Plans

Exterior Visuals

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Interior Visuals

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