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Reimagining Hi-Greens: How MGFX World Works Visualised Real Estate?



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In a recent project, MGFX World Works worked with Hi-Greens to visualise the latter’s new real estate properties. The goal was simple: use 3D architectural visualisation to give a complete overview of what the Hi-Greens properties would look like upon completion.

The goal of the project was not simply to showcase the flawless new properties Hi-Greens is planning. It was also about highlighting the area surrounding the properties, mainly lush green expanses which envelope the properties itself. The project thus involved the use of both internal and exterior rendering.

The 3D flythrough video at the end culminates the 3D visualisation of the project. In this article, we discuss the main aspects of this project in detail.

Architectural Film

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One of the defining goals of the project was clearly establishing the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding areas. Simply showcasing the attributes and details of the Hi-Greens’s properties was not the aim. Clearly giving viewers a sense of space was a big part of the architectural visualisation.

This meant the project involved a significant amount of exterior viuslisation. As part of the project, MGFX World Works used cutting edge technology to successfully reflect the serene green surrounding of the properties.

Exterior Visualisation is important for a number of reasons. First, it gives any real estate project a more realistic outlook. Visualising a property is impossible without a sense of place. Exterior visualisation enables all parties to get a clear understanding of how a property would appear from an outside perspective.

A large part of the project was devoted to capturing the green expanse surrounding the properties. This was necessary from a marketing perspective to allow the general audience to understand the open nature of the properties being promoted.

The final video captures these attributes effectively. The fly through video also does a great job at highlighting the surrounding while showcasing the exterior aesthetics of the property itself. This is naturally essentially to strike a balance.


It is also worthwhile to note the intro into the video. As the fly through comes closer to the property, viewers can notice the green expanse and the property created with exterior visualisation. This is a classic example of balancing the need to showcase the surrounding and the property at the same time.

After a segue into the interior of a home, the video again reverts back to exterior visualisation. This time, viewers are given a view into the exterior premises within the property. From parking spaces to parks, walkways, and more, viewers are given a glimpse into how life would be in this Hi-Green property.

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Once the video focuses on the interior of the property, the visualisation becomes more about capturing the key internal attributes of the property.

Using soft and serene interior design visualisation, viewers are given a glimpse of Hi-Green’s properties from the inside. This part presents several views of a typical home, set in an idyllic setting. The visualisation itself accurately captures the dream home that the real estate project is pitching to buyers. It thus makes the video much more powerful from a viewer standpoint.

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Every real estate project begins with an idea. However, communicating ideas is often a huge challenge.

A 3D fly through video such as the one discussed here helps companies present their projects in a holistic manner. These videos also highlight the potential that a new project might have.

Without visualising an idea, it is difficult for businesses to communicate with their buyers and prospects. This is where 3D visualisation can help immensely.

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