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3D Visualization Technology : 5 Latest Trends An Architect Has To Know

3D visualization technology

3D visualization technology is undoubtedly the most promising latest trend that holds unmatched rewards for the architectural visualization industry in the contemporary world. It has not only opened a plethora of lucrative opportunities for architectural and real estate firms but also empowered the designers to create visual masterpieces for property marketing endeavours by putting bare minimum effort. That's why most architects are switching from traditional visualization methods to architectural CGI visualization services today.

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Let's take a look at the top 5 latest trends of 3D architectural rendering services.

1. Animation

3D animation is a go-to technology for all those professionals who tend to focus upon the engagement and satisfaction rates of clients so as to leverage the visual impact of the property.

2. Virtual Reality

The boon of virtual reality is not unknown to many individuals. From games to the field of digital marketing, we can see the massive impact of VR technology. The same holds true for architectural rendering industry as well.

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With the help of virtual reality, the physical presence of the investors is no longer required for overlooking the development of the project. They can now see the property on the digital platform via photorealistic VR services.

3. Virtual Tours

Today, virtual tours comprising of photorealistic sequential panoramic images are being used in abundance by designers for enhanced commercial success. These 360-degree tours not only allow the homeowners to get a 3D view of the property but also provide them with an everlasting stimulating experience.

4. 3D Floor Plan

3D floor plan refers to a photorealistic virtual model shown from a bird eye view that elegantly showcases the layout of the floor space plan in an effective way. It's accuracy and organizational precision are the prime reasons behind it's oozing popularity amongst architects.

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5. 3D Printing

3D printing is a pocket-friendly and time-saving solution for overcoming the hassles of the usage of physical prototypes for design presentation purposes.

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