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3D Modeling Service : 7 Essential Elements Of A Product Design Project

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

3D modeling service is undoubtedly the most rewarding way to get exhilarating CGI for your upcoming product design projects. The multifunctional and accurate 3D models that are created with the help of architectural visualization services not only enables the manufacturers to ensure smooth and pocket-friendly product testing procedures but also allows them to successfully finish their product marketing campaigns and earn handsome profits.

3D House Modeling

Given the vital role of 3D modeling services for field specialists, our diligent team of professionals working at MGFX World has prepared a circumstantial list of 7 essential elements of any product design project. Wonder what they are? Let's find out!

1. Concept

A concept or a vision is the true soul of any product design project. Therefore, the prime-most crucial element of any project is a well analyzed concept accurately mentioned in the brief before a 3D modeling task is set in motion.

2. References

For a 3D artist to provide high-quality photorealistic 3D models for a design, he/she requires a number of essential references so as to deliver the desired results. These references include drawings, sketches, photos or anything that has inspired the architects in the first place.

3. Textures

Texturing is another significant aspect of outsource 3D modeling service as it allows to give a photorealistic touch to the 3D model by efficiently replicating the texture of all the materials that are used in the production.

4. Background

Amongst the other 3D modeling services, the demands for lifestyle images are the highest. And the core aspect of this type of CGI lies in it's ability to place the 3D model in a suitable background and environment. That's why the essential element of background is the next on our list.

5. Lighting

Another unparalleled component of an inspirational 3D model is lighting because it not only helps in elegantly defining the mood of the CGI illustration but also proves to be promising in the depiction of the atmosphere in a stellar way.

6. Modeling

The vital stage of modeling in itself is highly pertinent for the entire process of 3D visualization of any product as it enables the designers to create a realistic 3D object from nothing but scratch.

7. Point Of View

Lastly, it is extremely important for a photoreal 3D model to accurately demonstrate the main object of the image in the exact manner as it was conceived. Therefore, thoughtfully choosing the angles, spaces and the point of view of an image is highly essential for 3D modeling services.

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