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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

3D commercial rendering services have undoubtedly revolutionized the way architectural property is visualized today. It not only helps the architects in visually encapsulating the essence of their project visions in photorealistic imagery but also tends to enhance their productivity by enabling them to bring out the designs to life even before it goes under construction.


Given the huge significance of 3D commercial renderings for architects, it is highly pertinent to know what types of professionals can benefit from these services.

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Let's take a look at the different types of architects who can reap handsome profits from architectural rendering services.

1. Commercial Architects

Architects sketching the designs for commercial buildings require appealing and highly photorealistic visuals to showcase the layout of the property in the most accurate way. This is where 3D commercial rendering services for architects comes into play.

2. Interior Designers

CG rendering allows the interior designers to depict the interior spaces, decor, lighting, shading and other nuances of the property in the most effective way possible. This helps the interior designers to boost their project marketability campaigns without any hassles.

3. Hospitality Architects

Architects working on hotel designs can benefit immensely by employing 3D commercial rendering services for their upcoming projects as the attractive and engaging visuals helps them in winning clients over easily.

4. Landscape Architects

Designing outdoor spaces & areas is as important as any other part of the entire project. That's why those architects who work in designing gardens , neighbourhood , campuses and other landscape projects must use 3D architectural visualization services for achieving their desired goals.

5. Urban Designers

Architectural CGI is a necessary tool for those designers who work on projects concerning neighborhood designs, town planning and city planning. Such urban designers tend to benefit the most from realistic 3D animation and VR services.

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