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Case Study

Architectural Visualisation Of The

Luxury Vacation House.

MGFX World provides a customized solution to real estate and architectural industry. 




Solution Offered

The client had an open space & a desire to convert it into an attractive & appealing vacation space while earning a handful of money from his own venture.

So he came to us to get a plan on how to convert the space into an attractive vacation spot. We ventured on the animation of the place with complete determination. The entry which plays pranks on visitor’s senses, catches their client’s attention and keeps them engaged.

We pushed our client’s imaginations to the limit to brainstorm ideas that helped our client to attract more visitors. Our goal was to show a vacation space that can help our client earn good money while capitalizing on the unused space.

We used 3D renderings and fly through animation services to give our client an idea of what their business can look like once they rent out their house to families and friends to spend their vacations.

Our final project helped them to market their vacation house in an effective manner and that has helped them find many new customers.

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Architectural Film

Exterior Rendering

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Interior Rendering

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